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January 9, 2011

Her name is Glory. She is almost four years old. Her pain first started in June and has just recently been diagnosed as cancer. After months of various testing and traveling (12 hours one-way to the hospital in Dar) the treatment options aren’t positive. There is a tumor protruding from the side of her face and pressing into her left eye. The latest test showed some swelling in the liver suggesting the cancer had spread there. Testing isn’t quite as sophisticated here as in the states, so there is much guessing (though, I suppose there is much guessing still in the states when it comes to cancer). Going the radiation route would require mom and dad to move to Dar for two years. They can not afford this and their family economy would likely fail. Even so, the radiation would likely do little to heal her. Instead the family is using some herbal treatment and relying on family and friends to pray over her.

We spent an hour or so at her house yesterday. Hardest part of my trip so far. Ashley’s been holding it together pretty well, only tearing up a few times, but this I couldn’t hold back. I think the tears were a combination of the fact that cancer has been a big pest in my life this past year for several friends and family members and how helpless I felt. As Samuel said when we left, “It’s like watching your little girl die.” We came to Africa to help change things here. To rescue the street boys and provide a home for them. Though it’s hard to meet with them knowing their current living conditions, I know good is coming and can rejoice in that. What is there to rejoice in for Glory? I believe the Lord can heal and am praying diligently that He will. Today, that doesn’t feel like enough.

So, I’m asking you back home to join us here in Mwanza and pray over this family. Shed tears with me and plead with the Lord to heal. Pray for strength for the parents and brother and other family staying with them. Pray for the church family here to encourage and support them.

We’re going to try and meet with them again before we leave. I’ll keep you updated, but for now, just pray.

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