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Habari Mchana (good afternoon)!

January 5, 2011

So, Kitty is doing an excellent job of recapping our trip. You should head over to her blog:http://www.livingoutofaziplocbag.blogspot.com/ and catch up on things there. All you’re going to get from me is this…

I’m thankful for my:

  • long legs that can move quickly when needed (cars here aren’t exactly interested in slowing down for you)
  • soft tush for bumpy rides on dirt “roads” (seriously, had there not been a roof I may have flown out of the vehicle)
  • hair that’s long enough to go in a ponytail (no point in trying to fix it when the windows stay open while driving)

I’m not so much a fan of my:

  • height (can’t tell you how many times I’ve hit my head on something. Though, that maybe has less to do with height and more to do with clumsiness)
  • weak muscles (even our driver knew better than to let me carry a case of sodas. In my defense, they were glass bottles. Who cares if the 12 year old could lift them or not?!)
  • crusty ears (disgusting, I know. They got a little sunburned the other day and are peeling. Ouch)

Yep. I know you would much rather hear stories of what’s happening here, but we’re headed to dinner in a few minutes and there’s no way my fingers can stop typing once I open the flood gates. It’s coming soon. A really long blog post where I’ll try and cover the best of the best. Promise!


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