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One more day in Africa

January 15, 2011
In about 14 hours we’ll be leaving this continent. I’m sad to be leaving, but somewhat ready to be home. Though it’s only been a few weeks I feel so disconnected from everyone! I plan to share plenty more insight, but my brain isn’t processing this morning. It’ll be interesting to see how I feel once I’m home.
I posted some safari photos here.
Did you play the unscramble game? Here are the animals — with my commentary!
Lion: Maybe my favorite sight of the day. We saw two male lions individually (since they don’t really hang out) early in the morning and then came upon 7 lions (female and some younger males) sitting no more than 50 yards from us. It was crazy to watch them as they just stared back at us!
Hippo: Lots of hippos. There’s a hippo pool where you can get out of the car. There’s quite a ledge there so you don’t have to worry about the hippos being able to get to you! We saw some the next day that were out of the water. Those are some big animals.
Impala: And lots of other deer family animals. They’re everywhere. Seriously, they get boring after a while!
Leopard: We saw 3 big leopards and 2 really cute cubs. It’s apparently rare to see that many (especially babies), but they just kept popping up! The cubs were tiny. Both fell out of the tree when trying to climb down. Precious.
Python: Yep. It slithered it’s way right across the road in front of us. We only caught the tail end and then saw it in the bushes a few minutes later. Maybe 10 feet long. Yikes!
Wildebeast: Not a cute animal. And they are all over the place.
Chameleon: This little guy crawled across the road and our driver spotted him in the rear view mirror! He was very, very green and blended in well with the grass. Mission accomplished.
Pumba: Not nearly as cute as Pumba in the Lion King, but the baby ones are! I think I had pumba sausage for breakfast at the lodge on the safari. Not super tasty.
Spider Monkey: These guys are cute. They (along with the baboons) were all over the lodge we stayed at in the Serengeti. Breakfast was fun because they ran rampant across the roof above us!
Elephant: Lots. We got incredibly close to these big guys. Our driver made one of them angry! He flapped his ears and made lots of noise in our direction. Luckily he was big and old and I felt confident our car could outrun him!
Antelope: More deer-like creatures. Lots of them.
Giraffe: Giraffes are so unique. We saw plenty of these guys, too. All different sizes. Elizabeth is convinced one of them was over 20 feet tall. Do giraffes get that big?
Zebra: Even the zebra can get boring on a safari. They were all over the place. Seriously, we saw a few hundred of them. They’re incredibly beautiful (except after a rain when they’re muddy) animals, but quite scaredy-cats.
Buffalo: A funny looking creature, if you ask me. The horns remind me of vikings!
Crocodile: We saw three or four of these guys. Oh, and a baby one!
Mongoose: Like Timon in the Lion King?
Ostrich: Not super exciting. And, they were always too far away to get a good photo of.
Baboon: Plenty of these guys to see, too. Lots at the lodge. Kitty was fearful they were setting a trap for us when we got up to watch the sunrise!
Hyena: As ugly and mean as they look in the movie
Jackal: Cute little dog-like animal.
Water buck: More deer. Not even sure I got a photo of them because I was interested in more exciting animals. Sorry, bucks.
That’s all. I think this covers pretty much everything. We saw all there was to see except for cheetah. That just means I have to come back one day!

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