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In the meantime… | Wedding Photography

December 14, 2012

From the time of this post, Tanzania 2.0 is 33 days, 4 hours, 26 minutes, and 43 seconds away.

Not that I’m counting.

In the meantime, there is still lots to be done.

The renewed passport arrived this week and my fundraising page was official “launched.”

I have to figure out my in-country flight between Mwanza and Dar and finalize plans with the non-profits.

And I still need to make that Travel Clinic appointment — no malaria for this girl!

Oh, and it’s Christmastime, the end of the year (and perhaps the world), and my favorite two sports seasons are in full swing.

I want to savor the remaining days I have to celebrate the season and enjoy time with friends and family.

So, in the meantime, I have to limit my Africa planning/dreaming and trust that it will come together. Because if I let it consume me it will and I will miss out on so much life left to be lived here for the next month.

Like chasing my superhero nephew up and down the hallways.

Or serving the homeless.

Cheering for those boys in blue (who seriously need to pull it together because I have two bets riding on their success).

Waiting (not-so) patiently on word from the Congo that my BFF’s son is officially cleared to be brought home.

And while this trip is coming together quite quickly, for today, I’m going to set the planning aside.

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Cold weather got you down? Check out this outdoor wedding from the record-setting day in June (well over 100 degrees):

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