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Sunsets, Te’o, and the Polish

January 17, 2013

On the one hour plane ride from Nashville to Chicago I glanced out the window to see the sun sitting perfectly on the horizon. An orange sky covered the land below. This had to be the first moment I captured. In a matter of seconds, the sun had slipped out of my view.

And in that moment I felt small.

Really. Small.

This last week has been quite the whirlwind. Wrapping up my part-time job, saying many goodbyes, and making last minute preparations. For the most part, I shut down mentally and emotionally (honestly, weeks ago) because I’ve been so overwhelmed. I’ve been talking about this trip since returning from there two years ago. When the time came to actually book a plane ticket I wasn’t sure how I would pay for it all, how in debt I would be (and, if you know me, you know I don’t do debt), and what kind of work I might have to find for myself when I return. To say that the Lord has been faithful is an understatement.

Y’all, He’s provided. In big, big ways.

I won’t launch into details, but on top of the (fairly crazy) financial provisions, there’s been an onslaught of inquiries about photo gigs and weddings that will take place after I return. And with my head so into the Africa planning, I haven’t really focused on the business itself. It’s been a needed reassurance that when it feels right it works out.

It just does.

Now I’m sitting in London waiting to catch a plane to Dar es Salaam and then another to Mwanza where this thing is about to go down!

If you haven’t noticed, I’m pumped. Feeling totally unprepared and inadequate for what should be a pretty fabulous 5.5 weeks, but pumped, nonetheless. I need you, friends. And am so very thankful for all of the support.

So, as the sun begins to rise on your side of the globe (full circle. done.), know that you are deeply loved and greatly appreciated. I am one blessed girl.

Didn’t expect this post to be so serious. I was writing a bit in my head on the plane from Chicago to London (when I wasn’t sleeping or watching Liam Neeson save his family) and had big plans to be funny. You know, tell jokes about fake dead girlfriends (seriously, how bizarre is the Manti Te’o story?!?!), how much the Polish love big airplanes (Carly can fill you in), and other random insights from my various texting with BFFs during the Chicago layover. But, I fear this is getting a bit long and my lack of real rest has me wondering if any of this is flowing. So I’m gonna end it here.

Just laugh. I promise it would’ve been entertaining!

I’ll be in touch! Love you, friends.

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