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The rains down in Africa

February 10, 2013

Yesterday there was another hailstorm! That makes two since I’ve been here — this time with larger hail. It’s rainy season in Mwanza, but other than yesterday’s crazy storm, it’s mostly just rained at night. It did, however, ruin the play day planned with the street boys and since I head to Dar es Salaam tomorrow, that can’t be rescheduled. 🙁

Yesterday we stopped at the movie place (as in, a small kiosk on the side of the road) to exchange a movie that didn’t work. A boy asked us for food and since we were headed to the church to feed the boys we took him along. Anytime I would turn to the backseat his face would light up! It was super precious. When we arrived at the church, he recognized a few of the boys from the streets and seemed to be getting along. He tried to sing and dance along with the others, too! Oh, man, do the children love to dance!

I’ll be home in less than two weeks. It’s gonna be weird to leave. The rest of the trip will be without any Americans, so things could get interesting. I will be with English speaking Tanzanians, but will likely have a few days to figure out this place on my own! I think that Zanzibar is going to be totally different than anything I’ve done and the group I’m working with in Dar seems to have a great program running (they’re ranked the #2 Thing to Do on TripAdvisor) so I’m pretty pumped about what lies ahead.

I’ve been working a list of story ideas and such, but nothing is coming out right just yet. Zanzibar apparently has some great coffee shops, so hopefully I’ll get the chance to spend a few hours there working. It’ll feel just like home! For now, here’s a few random photos. I’m still hanging on to most of the photos pertaining to the non-profits until I can pull it all together in a way that beautifully tells their story.

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