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Readjusting. And talking about it.

March 4, 2013

It has been such a strange transition to life back home. I’m incredibly thankful for all the welcome back greetings, hugs, smiles, and time with friends. I’m blessed to have been able to get right back at it with a few photo gigs on the books for the first weekend back (and 4 more this weekend!).

I’ve found it difficult to really talk about Africa. General “how was it,” or “what was your favorite part” questions are impossible to answer. Of course it was great, but how do you sum up 5 weeks in one sentence. Of course there are moments that stick out more than others, but one favorite? I spent each week in a different part of Tanzania, each drastically different. There’s still so much raw emotion that I’ve done too poor a job of processing on my own to share with others.

And while I don’t want to be that girl who rambles on and on about her experiences, I can’t find a way to quickly talk about it without giving little (if any) real detail. What do people really want to hear about? How much do they want to hear? What’s most important to talk about? Are they just asking about it because they feel obligated?

I’m waiting to see what stories I find myself repeating. The moments that continue to come to mind. The pictures I return to time and time again. Though I’m only a little over a week removed from being there, spending time in London and then Chicago has made me feel so far removed from it already.

So, for those of you that have asked about Africa, thank you. Sorry if I’ve been vague, short, or made it sound dull! I’m getting there. There’s a lot on mind — both Africa related and otherwise. I’m not just returning to “normal” life, but a new set up with no office to report to no regular schedule to follow.

Please do keep asking about the trip. I want to keep it fresh and share it. Just a hint, it would be incredibly helpful to ask specific questions! 🙂

That’s all. No photos today. Just wanted to send this little PSA to those of you still following along!

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