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Guntucky, Floyd Collins, & proof that I am old | Baby Photography

April 24, 2013

Here’s what I know:

1) There is a new show on CMT called Guntucky

2) The show did not do the state’s image any favors (so, of course, my dad LOVES it!)

3) I grew up with the family featured on the show and babysat the daughter, Stephanie, a few times

4) Stephanie is not a child anymore

5) Therefore, I am old

. . . and feeling a bit embarrassed by my redneck roots

What I’m not ashamed of, however, is Floyd Collins.

Last night I went to see Flyod Collins: The Musical at the Boiler Room Theater. If you don’t know the story of Floyd Collins you should consider checking out the show while it’s still running. I’m not a huge musical fan, but this makes the second time I’ve seen this one! The first was in high school — you know, take a field trip to see a play/musical that has nothing to do with what you’ve been learning because that’s how Bullitt County rolls? 🙂

I am fascinated by caves. They are spectacular. Back in 1925, Floyd Collins finds himself trapped in what we now know as Mammoth Cave in Cave City, KY. What unfolds over the following two weeks is portrayed well in the musical. The place turns into a carnival as folks from all across the country visit, all being captivated by the story. An estimated 30,000 visitors each day made their way to the cave site! In fact, the Louisville Courier-Journal reporter who was the first to cover the event, won a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage. And, the event was the third biggest media event between the two world wars (thanks, Wikipedia, for those fun facts!).

My geology professer in college (gotta get those elective classes in, right?!) was also fascinated by caves. I’m pretty sure that no matter what we were studying he would talk about caves at least once a week. Perhaps it is why I’ve developed a love for them as well. This man was passionate and Floyd Collins was his favorite.

It’s National Park week, too, so perhaps a little day trip to Mammoth should be on your calendar?!

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I came across a whole folder of images I haven’t yet blogged… this guy may or may not have already had another photo shoot with me since this session: (oops!)

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