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Surprise! Wait a minute… | Event Photography

April 30, 2013

This story is too fun not to share. Last month I got a text from a number I didn’t recognize asking if I was available the following evening to shoot an engagement party. I replied and after a few texts I discovered it was a friend and the party would be at his place. This was super confusing given that I had also been invited to a surprise birthday party at his place that same day/time! After some clarifying text exchanges, I was let in on the secret that another friend had convinced someone else to convince his girlfriend to throw a surprise birthday party for him that would really be a surprise engagement party since he would be proposing earlier in the day!

You follow?

Brilliant, right? I loved it so, of course, I was in — besides, I was already planning on attending the birthday bash!

Maybe 15 minutes later I ran into the lucky couple in a parking lot! How random? And awesome. A litte giggling on my end and we parted ways without leaving any suspicion.

The engagement/birthday party was a blast and went off without a hitch.

These people are fun.

See for yourself…

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