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In the prickly forest | Nashville Baby Photography

August 6, 2013

Two weeks ago I took a vacation to California. My family took my 3.5 year old nephew to Disneyland and boy did he enjoy himself!

Around his age, I also took my first trip to Disney. I don’t remember it, but my parents sure do love to remind me of how excited I was to meet Minnie Mouse only to run (screaming) the other direction when I actually saw her.

In my defense, how many 3 years old know how big those mice really are?!?!

My nephew, on the other hand, loves him some characters! We decided to start off our week with a character breakfast so he could meet Mickey (& friends). Every 20 minutes or so they did a group dance and wouldn’t you know that B was the only kid up there dancing with the crew! He had previously shot spiderwebs at the guy leading the dances, so that “move” was added to the routine — just for him!

He really is a hoot. He talks as well as most 5 year olds and comes up with the craziest things. He’s huge into imagination right now and loves to hear “prickly forest stories.” We told them to pass the time in lines at Disney. We told him at the end of the day when it was bedtime. We told them at 6am when he was supposed to still be sleeping. It’s super adorable to watch his face when he’s really into a story. His eyes get big, his head nods slightly as he follows along. And if he really, really likes a story, he want you to tell it again — even at 6am. The stories always have a villain and if you don’t defeat them quick enough he’ll interrupt your story claiming that “then Brayan turns into the Hulk and smashes them!”

I wanted to enjoy my time with him (and the rest of the fam) so I left my camera behind most days. Besides, that thing is heavy, I am lazy, and we did a lot of walking. It was great to leave work behind and enjoy guilt-free rest & relaxation.

The day after returning from vacation I jumped back into my work with this sweetie’s 6-month session:








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