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#30by30 Update 1

March 7, 2014


I’m one month into my #30by30 project, so it seemed like a good time to post an update. You can view the full #30by30 list here.

Looks like I’m going to need to pick up the pace if I’m going to knock get through this whole list! Anyway, here’s my progress:

13. Keep a journal — This is happening. I haven’t written a ton in the month, but it’s still more than I’ve journaled since college (almost 7 yrs ago) so I’m calling it a win.

17. Write/mail 100 personalized notes — Only sent 2 of these. Definitely going to have to get going on this one!

20. 30 new restaurants/events in Nashville — Only 2 of these as well: Cafe Bosna, a little hole-in-the-wall Bosnian place in the Hermitage/Donelson area. Super, super tasty! Two Boots Pizza: Was totally different than I expected, but the pizza was quite good. For my birthday, some married friends of mine got in on the #30by30 fun by giving me a gift certificate for one new dining experience!

Side note: It’s been really awesome to have such supportive friends. Wether folks are chiming in that they want to participate in one of the actions or are just asking me how the list is going, it’s been a great encouragement for me to keep going.

24. Read through the Bible in a year — on track!

25. Watch the Top 25 Sports Movies — I’m using this list. I had only seen 8 of them previously and just watched Caddyshack (in honor of Harrold Ramis). 16 more to go! Thankfully, quite a few of them are on Amazon Prime for free. They’ve all been added to my watchlist so I can pull them up quickly and keep track.

29. Tour the UK athletic facilities — This one almost happened this past week, but we decided to wait until summer when school is out. I want to make sure I’ll be able to see it all and didn’t want to risk being locked out anywhere (especially since basketball season is still happening). I gotta get my hands on those National Championship Trophies! And by “get my hands on” of course I mean “admire from a safe distance.”

However, this past week I did get to see the Cats win in Rupp Arena. A “bucket list” item of mine is to see the UK basketball team win in all the SEC arenas. I had only been to one game in Rupp before and the Cats lost (Thank you, Billy Gillispie). That brings the count up to five arenas (UK, Vandy, UT, Bama, Auburn), nine more to go!

In the coming weeks, I plan to knock out the first self-portrait project (I desperately need a haircut first) and pitch a photo exhibit. Need to get to work on some of the long-term goals, like learning to sew and speaking Swahili. Oh, and that getting in shape one. This winter has made me nuts, but with a little sunshine in the air I’m thinking I can get back on track!


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Misty March 7, 2014 - 10:54 am

So proud of you! This is a lofty list but all great things. I wish I would’ve thought about the movie thing while you were here, I could have helped with that…are you sure the Tonya Harding 30 for 30 doesn’t count? ha, ha.

ashmill March 7, 2014 - 10:57 am

Ha! It should count. As should The Sixth Man (tho, we forgot to watch it). Let’s try again in June, k?


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