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Hay bales and Muck Boots | Gallatin Engagement Photography

March 31, 2014


Sometimes you meet clients that you want to be friends with in real life! Maggie and Bolton were an absolute joy to work with and treated me like a guest at Bolton’s family farm in Gallatin, TN. First, they had to come rescue me in downtown Gallatin when I simply couldn’t find my way to the farm. Then, they had fresh brownies and hot tea ready for when we finished up our shoot. It was super, super cold the day we took their engagement portraits which made the hot tea an extra special treat. After their session, we sat around the fireplace and talked. I rarely get the opportunity to really get to know my clients and loved getting to chat with them. Bolton is headed to Uganda this summer and I, of course, can talk about Africa for days and days and love getting to meet others who are Africa bound (or have already been there)!

These two are clearly in love.

I LOVE, love, love all the sweet, candid moments I captured between them. Genuine smiles and laughter helped ease the freezing temps we dealt with that day and I simply adore their photos.








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