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I’m no Peter Parker | Birthday Party Photography

March 6, 2014

My nephew turned 4 at the end of January and we celebrated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle style! I finally sent the images to my sister who shared them with the birthday boy.

Nephew: How did we get these photos?

My sister/His mom: Remember? Aunt Ashley is a photographer.

Nephew: Oh, just like Peter Parker, right?!

*side note for you non-superhero fans: Peter Parker is Spiderman*

Sister: Yep, just like Peter Parker.

The nephew begins to walk away and under his breath says, “Yeah, but she’s not as good as Peter Parker.”

Apparently, you’re only a good photographer if you’re able to get photos of Spiderman.

Thanks, kid. Thanks.


While I’m busy Photoshopping Spiderman into a few images (and sulking), check out the details of his party:






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