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#30by30 Update 2

April 14, 2014


Another month into the #30by30 list and while I’ve made some progress, I still have a ways to go. There are several things in the works. Here’s where things stand:

3. Learn to sew — Making progress here. Bought a book with several beginner’s projects that I plan to work through. Also just picked up some materials to make a little special something for sweet, little one who’s on the way.

13. Keep a journal — Oh, goodness, I knew these long-term goals would trip me up. I’m still a terrible journaler and need to pick that thing up way more often and get to writing!

16. Win money at a casino — This one’s happening in less than two weeks! If I don’t actually win any money, I’ll still consider it done. It just sounds better to say “win money at a casino” rather than just “go to a casino” dontcha think?

17. Write/mail 100 personalized notes — Umm… realizing 100 was a very lofty goal. I’ve written 8. Made some plans to knock these out in batches, but getting to 100 is gonna be tricky!

20. 30 new restaurants/events in Nashville — Add Red Bicycle, City House, Barista Parlor, and The Slider House to this list! I didn’t love The Slider House (it didn’t help that my order was quite wrong), but the other 3 were all excellent. Red Bicycle and Barista Parlour are great work spots when I want a little more than just coffee. The sausage biscuits at Barista Parlor?!?! Oh my word, they’re good. City House is a super unique, fancier dinner option. If you’re headed there, make sure you do so with a reservation.

24. Read through the Bible in a year — still on track, though I’m not following the plan exactly as it’s written.

25. Watch the Top 25 Sports Movies — I’m using this list. I caught Hoosiers a few weeks ago. I think it was one of those that I saw as a kid, but didn’t remember at all. With that, I’m up to 10 of the 25 movies.

27. Sponsor a child — Done! Through Compassion, I found a little boy in Mexico with the same name as my nephew and they’re the same age! Perfect.

29. Tour the UK athletic facilities — This one almost happened in March and I’m so glad I decided to wait until June because now there will be another trophy to see!!! Those boys in blue will have a new Final Four Trophy and a Runner Up Banner. The season didn’t quite end as hoped for, but they provided a run of incredible games with crazy finishes during the tournament and I’m super proud to be a part of Big Blue Nation.

Clearly, I still have a ways to go, but there are lots of things in the works. It’s been a super fun journey thus far and I’m excited to keep it going.

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