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Things I’m Loving Lately | Nashville Wedding Photography

April 7, 2014

Harrison-Wonder-Twins1. Basketball. How about those Kentucky Wildcats?!?!? Y’all, like most UK fans (and rivals, media, critics, etc.), I thought the season was a lost cause. Tonight they will compete for the National Championship and win or lose I am so, so proud to be a part of Big Blue Nation. I recently added this adorable vintage UK cardigan to my collection of blue and couldn’t resist playing around with the Wonder Twins theme while pretending to work.

2. Grapefruit. Even though I almost burned the house down and briefly (very, very briefly) swore off ever eating grapefruit again, my addiction has resurfaced. I eat at least one a day. Sometimes two.

3. This crock pot buffalo chicken. Not too spicy and perfect for nachos and tacos. I make it almost weekly to last for several meals throughout the week.

4. Hammocks. I had a credit for The Clymb and got a great deal on a double hammock. The front yard has two perfectly spaced trees and this spring weather has been amazing for a little relaxation. The past couple of weeks have been super stressful and a little escape in the middle of the day has been super nice — plus, I can still feel productive, by cranking out a little reading or research while enjoying the sunshine!

5. This sweet, sweet couple from just outside Tupelo, Mississippi who had their private, destination wedding in Nashville.








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