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A long overdue #30by30 update

June 30, 2014


First up, a big announcement: I’m going to Alaska!

A rare opportunity to fly to Anchorage, Alaska and then road trip back to Nashville is one that I just couldn’t pass up! It’s one of those awesome things that totally would’ve been on my #30by30 list if I had known it could happen. In two weeks, the adventure will begin and I’m thinking the 12 day trip will provide some great opportunities to knock out some of the things that are on the list, like watching the sunrise and set in the same day, learning Swahili (or at least making progress), winning money at a casino, and it might provide just the group of photos I’ve been looking for to have a photo exhibit.

I’ll be blogging along the way, as well as posting photos to Instagram and Facebook, so be sure to follow along!

Here are a few other items that I’m making progress on or have completed:

2. Run a 5k — Happening on July 4th! I’ll be running the Firecracker 5k in Brentwood. I’ve done some training, but probably not nearly enough. I’ve been on the road way more than expected the past two months which has made it a little tricky.

4. Speak Swahili — I purchased a book with audio that had great reviews on Amazon. Since I’ve spent 8.5 weeks in Tanzania, I have a basic understanding of the language and have picked up a few key phrases/words already. Now it’s just a matter of putting in the time/effort to become conversational

10. Go skydiving — Done! Wrote about that here.

16. Win money at a casino — This was supposed to have already happened, but there was a little mixup in the planning. But, I’m thinking that knocking this one out at Cadillac Jack’s in South Dakota will be way more exciting!

17. Write/mail 100 personalized notes — Up to 21! Still a LONG way to go, but I’ve loved picking up fun cards, writing thoughtful notes, and encouraging/congratulating friends.

20. 30 new restaurants/events in Nashville — Add Boca Loca Cantina to this list! This place is delicious. So delicious that I’m headed there again next week to enjoy two-for-one tacos once again. Yummy.

29. Tour the UK athletic facilities — Done! This was such a treat. My super awesome uncle who works for the University took me on an unofficial “behind the scenes” tour of all the athletic facilities. I saw the Joe Craft center (where the basketball coaches’ offices are and where the players train and practice), Memorial Coliseum, the Wildcat Lodge (where the basketball players stay), Commonwealth Stadium (including the locker room and a walk through the tunnel onto the field), and Nutter Fieldhouse (where the football team trains and watches Star Wars). Even saw a few of the basketball players and most of the football team (pumping some serious iron).

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