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Bison and moose and bears, oh my! | Wildlife in Yukon and British Columbia

July 21, 2014

Cliche post title, I know. Just bear with me here. Pun intended — Alaskans and Canadians like their puns.

The first few days in Alaska and on the drive through the Yukon and into British Columbia didn’t offer many wildlife sightings – boat tour excluded. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, on day three of our nine day drive however, the wildlife came to play. I mostly captured bear butt after bare butt (I also like puns), but every now and then a bear would look our way or a fox, bison, or moose would be facing just the right direction. It definitely helped make the long hours of car riding more├é┬ábearable.

In a lot of ways the drive has felt like a safari. Our eyes constantly scanning in front of us and to the side. Pointing here and there to the wildlife – or the plants that we think might be wildlife until we get close enough to tell the difference. You never know what might be waiting at the next turn or what might run out in front of you (like the very entertaining mid-air bear pictured below), and you definitely are never so excited to see “cow patties” on the roadway!












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