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Day 9: Calgary and Montana

July 22, 2014


There isn’t too much to say or see from Calgary. We stayed downtown and enjoyed taking Jack for a walk around the city. Calgary is very clean and the men are very stylish.

I was impressed.

We enjoyed a nice dinner downtown and then dessert back at the hotel lounge. Slept in and hit the road this morning for 9 hours of driving.

Today felt long.

Montana is beautiful in it’s own way, but it is not the Canadian Rockies. There wasn’t much to see, though we were presented with a lovely double rainbow. I’m too tired to edit more photos, but when I do it will likely be titled, “Montana. @70mph.” I shot out the window, through the windshield, and even popped my head out of the sunroof a few times (at a slightly slower pace). When we passed through a swarm of locusts who were leaving a mess on the windshield, Elizabeth suggested the sunroof. I was all ready to pop my head out of there and realized at the last second that my fate would be very similar to the windshield’s. We found the moment to be incredibly hilarious — probably because driving through Montana doesn’t offer much humor.

We’re staying the night in Billings, Montana. Nothing much to brag about in this town — though getting stopped by two trains back to back might be considered impressive to some. To us, it was a double pain in the you-know-where as we were only a half mile from the hotel and ready to crash!

Tomorrow should lend itself to some great photo ops. Devil’s Tower. Prairie dogs. Mt. Rushmore. Then, on to Deadwood, South Dakota for the evening where I will try my luck at the casino!

Not sure there will be much to post about after that point, so stay tuned, friends. We’re in the home stretch!


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