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Things I’m Loving Lately

July 30, 2014

1. The fisheye lens. I bought a new lens just before my trip to Alaska and am loving the unique perspective it gives. Definitely still learning how to best make use of it, but I captured a handful of fun images while in Alaska and Canada.


2. This hammock. The weather has been amazing this week and I spent several hours today editing photos while hanging out in my hammock. Our yard has a grouping of trees perfect for hammock hanging, blocking the sunlight, and providing a little breeze. I worked until my computer died and then took a 20-minute nap before coming back in. So relaxing.

3. Sushi. I’ve become an addict. I tried getting into sushi several years ago and just couldn’t do it. Well, I gave it another try a little over a month ago and have been hooked ever since. And by hooked I mean that I might need to join a support group soon.

4. Nashville. Home. Recently, I’ve been on the road basically more than I’ve been at home. It looks like that trend might continue until September. I love travel. I also love the place, the city, that I get to come home to — even when it’s only for a few days.

5. Prairie Dogs. Oh my word, I just couldn’t get enough of these guys in their colony at Devils Tower. Seriously, how adorable are they?!?









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