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The neglected #30by30 list

October 28, 2014


Good grief! Remember that #30by30 list I made at the beginning of this year? Just before I turned 29 when I was still young and eager to do things? Well, I’m just over 3 months away from turning 30 and realizing that list was quite ambitious.

Going in, I wanted it to be a challenge, knowing that I might not accomplish it all. I definitely could be further along and plan to pick up the pace these last few months. Unless someone wants to take me on another last minute trip, Kilimanjaro won’t be happening. Going back to Africa this year just didn’t feel right. I miss that place, the people, and the work there terribly, but the idea of returning now is not one that I’ve felt comfortable about. I’ll get back there one day. And I will climb that mountain!

I can safely say this year hasn’t gone nearly as planned, but has been insanely unique and incredibly freeing. The Lord has been good to me. Summer? Yeah, it was fun. And a little bit nuts. In previous blog posts, I covered the unexpected road trips that took me to the other side of the country — twice — and attempted to be a little more real here.

Looking back, I’m especially upset with myself for not doing so well at keeping a journal!

On to the list….

1. Be me, bravely 
2. Run a 5k Done!  
3. Learn to sew While I haven’t done as much sewing as I’d like, I have completed a handful of projects. A friend helped me make a really fabulous seat cushion for the theater chair I refinished.
4. Speak Swahili (semi-fluently at least) I have flash cards. I have books. And I thought the two road trips would provide a lot of time to learn. Didn’t so much happen. I’m not as concerned about it since I won’t be in Tanzania anytime soon. Maybe next year?
5. Paintball
6. Get tattoo #2 I know what I want. Just need to get it done.
7. Visit the Hike-Inn Thinking this will happen in the next two weeks. Need to fit it in because a day or two off the grid would be really nice.
8. Donate my hair This one will likely happen impulsively. I’ll think about it and then not make the appointment. Just not ready to lose 8+ inches of hair.
9. Take a class on a random subject
10. Go skydiving Done!
11. Leave a 100% tip at dinner (to someone who deserves it)
12. Photo exhibit Working on it. Fingers crossed.
13. Keep a journal Massive fail here. Only a handful of entries. I so want to be better at this. Sigh.
14. Complete a self-portrait project
15. Watch the sunrise & set in the same day Cheating a little on this one. Lauren and I saw some amazing sunrises and sunsets in our five days on the road. The sunset the last evening before arriving in Seattle was simply beautiful and the perfect way to wrap up our experience on the road.
16. Win money at a casino Done! In Deadwood, South Dakota I won $86!
17. Write/mail 100 personalized notes Eek! A little behind here. Up to 26. Thinking everyone I’ve ever met will get a Christmas card this year.
18. Eat vegetarian for one month What was I thinking?!?
19. Get in the best shape of my life See above.
20. 30 new restaurants/events in Nashville 18 of these. Lots of new sushi joints. I might be addicted. I really thought I was doing a better job on this front, but it looks like I’ve got lots of eatin’ left to do!
21. Play in an ultimate frisbee tournament
22. Send an anonymous gift to a stranger
23. Refinish a piece of old furniture Done! And I must say, it’s a fine looking theater chair.
24. Read through the Bible in a year Getting there
25. Watch the Top 25 Sports Movies In general, I’ve been a terrible movie watcher this year. Long way to go.
26. Dance in the rain
27. Sponsor a child Done!
28. Hold a big cat cub — or a penguin. Done! I got to play with and hold a baby tiger. And it was amazing! Posted a few pictures here.
29. Tour UK Athletic Facilities. Done! Speaking of, who else is ready for basketball season? I’m thinking it’s gonna be a good one.
30. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. 🙁

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