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Paintball? More like painball! | A #30by30 Update

December 18, 2014

1.5 months to go and 11-ish items that I think might still be possible to complete from my #30by30 list. I probably won’t make all 11 happen, but I think I can get pretty close. Several of them require multiple pieces so it’s not like I have 11 totally undone things to accomplish. Just let me feel better about this, k?! Learning Swahili and climbing Kilimanjaro are the only 2 that I’ve totally given up on – for this year, at least. Though, the spontaneous girl in me would totally do that climb if someone dropped a few grand in her lap! 😉

Since the last update I have:

  • Hit 6 new restaurants — only 6 more to go!
  • Taken a class on a random subject — a friend and I took an archery class. I went to an archery group a time or two when I was like 10 or 11, so I wasn’t going in totally blind. I actually think I did pretty well for my first real attempt. Not sure I’ll be taking it up as a regular sport, but it was definitely fun. And random.
  • Played paintball — this one was awesome. And left me quite colorful! Of the 20-ish folks I asked, only 3 brave souls would come with, but we had a blast. For the record, I am terrible at paintball, though I took the hits like a champ. I should probably invest in some target practice of some sort before playing again. In a bit of randomness, we made a new friend, Ben!
  • Watched a few sport movies — I’m using this list (which is a little dated) and only watching the ones I haven’t already seen. In the last two months, I’ve watched Searching for Bobby Fischer, Bend it Like Beckham, and Jerry Maguire.
  • Sent out 53 Christmas cards bringing my goal of 100 personalized notes to 82. I’m working on a mailing for vendors & planners I’ve worked with to send at the start of the new year, so that should get me a little closer.

I have big plans for January. It should be a little slower on the business side which will allow time to make things happen! Might even get 1 or 2 more things in before 2014 wraps up. Maybe.

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