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The final #30by30 update

February 9, 2015

Y’all, this girl is 30.

As I reflect back on this past year there are approximately a bazillion thoughts, emotions, and memories. Moments that I’ll remember for years to come.

I typically feel like the year passes by too fast. That before I’ve finished planning for the year ahead I’m already wrapping it up and looking to the next year again.

This year was different.

It was long. And hard.

But also full of some of the biggest experiences and adventures I’ve ever been on.

I’ve been all over the place — emotionally, spiritually, and quite literally (all over the country, at least. Oh, and Canada, too!).

There have been a lot of “Lord, what are you doing?!?” moments.

Followed by whispers back of, “Do you trust me?”

And if I’m being honest, I most often responded with a resounding, “No.” Not verbally, but in my actions, worry, and general behavior exhibited by a control freak, perfectionist. Traits that I’m learning aren’t in-line with following a God who’s carried me this far — sometimes kicking and screaming.

Overall, the year looked very little like I had imagined and I just know that the Lord was giggling while I carefully crafted my #30by30 list!

Since the last update, I…

— Completed the 30 new restaurants in Nashville goal. Of them all (a third of which were sushi joints!) I think that City House was probably my favorite. Granted, it was easily the most expensive so it probably should’ve been the best! The Pharmacy, Boca Loca Cantina (now closed, but supposed to be re-locating soon), and Barista Parlor also topped the list.

— Donated my hair. Twelve inches sent off to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. It’s a little shorter than I intended, but I don’t hate it.

— Left an anonymous gift for a stranger. Last weekend I took a trip with a dear friend to Columbia, Missouri (to see those Wildcats play!) and St. Louis. We used Airbnb to book guest rooms in each city and loved getting to know our hosts! I highly recommend it as a travel option — way more adventurous than a cheap hotel. Anyway, I left behind a “uniquely Nashville” gift for the next guest/s of the home!

I got to 22-ish completed items. A couple were still in process, but uncompleted. Several I wish I had made happen, but such is life, right? I think the list made me more aware of opportunities and open to crazy adventures. Still thinking through what this year’s challenge should be and I’m certainly open to suggestions. Thanks for following along!





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